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L'alba della speranza

Profound promenades

Step by step, we percourse a long road I understand that times… Are changing, One moment after another, The smells become sweet, The colours become rough to the eye, While down there, the sun, It’s going to sleep In the middle of the hills. In my mind wonder a thousand thoughts, While I contemplate the […]

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Il cinico e l'emotivo

The cynical and the emotive

There are the cynical ones, and the emotives The first kind programs their life, Living out of logical steps They aren’t sad They aren’t happy either They survive a quiet life. The second kind doesn’t program their moves, They make irrational choices and follow their heart. They give joy to those around Sacrificing their existence […]

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The-silince-of-emotion-iloveimg-resized test2

The silence of emotion

Bright eyes has to be seen As the dancing falling stars, Smile has no words But he says many things; Emotion Does not have voice, It whispers in the ear resembling the breeze. Silence is like a roar But illuminates like a flash; We speak Without any sound… Quietly… As the sand in the air […]

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